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Event Time and Date

Wednesday, March 8 2017, 6:00 PM to 8:15 PM

International is a social for students on the campus, and it is a global day celebrating the social, economical, cultural, and political achievements. The event will give a brief overview of what international women's day is and its importance and the struggles of women. We will do a little activity where people will be able to write what they are most proud of achieving as a women and post it on a poster that will display everyone's cutouts. We will have an open discussion on what problems we believe we face as women/experiences by implementing a panel of diverse women to give their stories. We will talk about ideas on how we believe we can prosper in the future. Lastly, we want to have cupcakes for sale to donate to the local women's shelter. 


60 Broad St, Providence, RI 02903