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Accounting Association

The Johnson and Wales Accounting Association is a network of JWU accounting majors looking to grow their professional network and stay up-to-date on the latest trends in the industry

Adventure Photography Club

The purpose of the Adventure Photography Club is to enable students to learn about photography while exploring the greater providence area.

Advertising Club (Ad Club)

The JWU Ad Club is a college chapter of the AAF. The JWU Ad Club creates the next generation of passionate students to positively shape the advertising industry by exposing members to new people, skills and ideas to catapult their careers.

AIGA Design at JWU (AIGA)

AIGA is a club for students interested in design of any form. By joining AIGA students will have access to benefits such as: Career resources,online portfolio development, local design studio/exhibit visits.

Alpha Epsilon Pi (AEPi)

Alpha Epsilon Pi is the International Jewish Fraternity. We are committed to our core purpose: Developing leadership and identity for the Jewish community.

Alpha Sigma Tau (AST)

Alpha Sigma Tau National Sorority is committed to developing scholars, philanthropists, leaders and sisters among our collegiate and alumnae members. We promote ethical, cultural, and social development within our Johnson & Wales Community.

American Marketing Association (AMA)

The American Marketing Association is here to encourage professional development, provide networking opportunities, and to prepare students of marketing for their desired careers.

Arts in Sciences

To educate, promote, and organize students who share a passion for art as it pertains to science. We will identify the artistic beauty within the scientific processes and create artwork using laboratory procedures.

Ataxia Hip Hop Dance Team (Ataxia)

Dancing allows us to explore ourselves in so many ways, to learn about our limitations and strengths, and our ability to cope with adversity and to go farther than we thought we could. You find out what your made of.


Department of intercollegiate athletics consisting of 20 NCAA Division III sports, intramurals and recreation.

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